everchangingjennifer : I saw your anon ask about someone not considering what they eat as meat, and it made me think of this guy who messaged me on another website a while back and called himself a vegetarian, but he still ate fast food meats with the excuse of "It's so processed that it isn't even really meat anymore". Maybe that's what they meant? Regardless, the entire experience made me very angry.

That is so stupid I have no words.

Take the pledge

Go vegan.

cute-like-bumblebees : When folks try to say something like "but you feed your cat cat food" or "but medicine is tested on animals!" I tell them that veganism to me is cutting out animals where it's not necessary. In medicine and pet food, it's necessary, but nowhere else.

People will try desperately to discredit someone who is doing more than they are - since vegans can’t abstain from all animal cruelty, they’re just as bad as I am.

Anonymous : why is milk bad for you ? health wise why is it bad exactly ? I wanna know how to explain it more to family members when i tell them why i stop consuming milk

Please take the time and watch this video - preferably with your family! There’s lots of research but this video sums it all up and presents it very well. Enjoy!

Anonymous : Let's just say a women is in love &uses no protection then gets pregnant- in this case she terminates the pregnancy because she likes another man. The unborn fetus is capable of feeling pain & happiness.We defend voiceless animals, what about babies?

Hey. I understand your perspective but since this is a non-human-animal rights blog, I ask you all not to message me about abortion anymore. 

If you want to talk about it privately however we can do that.

Anonymous : my friend just told me that coffee is made with animal labour. (like the picking of the beans and what not) and i was like what? i googled it and it said it was false. just woundering if you can confirm ?

I’ve only heard that about those super expensive ones.



bracelet-buddies : Hello :) I was just wondering if nail polish was vegan. If not could you tell me about vegan brands? Thank you :)

Depends on the company of course. I buy cosmetics mostly from Alverde and Sante but I don’t know if they sell those where you live. PETA has a list of cruelty-free companies and there’s many more lists - of course you can always just check out which products are available where you live and then google the companies.

sfvsparkes : I'm pro choice for the same reason I'm vegan. We don't get to use others' bodies without consent. We don't get to use women's bodies to house life without their consent, and we don't get to use cows bodies to satisfy our addiction to milk without their consent. That's the connection I always make anyway, what do you think? :)

True :)

Anonymous : My friend just told me that he doesn't consider what we eat as 'meat' after I told him about my belief in veganism... what does he mean exactly?

I have no idea. Maybe he’s acknowledging the fact that meat is unpalatable unless you season and cook and fry the shit out of it :)

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