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Anonymous : Hey just wondering if you have pets and if you have a dog or cat, do you feed them vegan?

I don’t feed them vegan.

Anonymous : Number of reasons anyone who isn't a college freshman currently IN LOVE with the psychology 101 course s/he is attendingwould give a flying fuck about moralism: 0. Our life is inherently immoral. Simply by being on tumblr you belong to the richest 10% of society globally. Why aren't you giving away all your belongings to spread the idea of living morally, without exploitation? You'd get to keep $3650 worth of stuff. That's the global average wealth. Anything on top of that is expolitative

objectivegan will answer this soon if he can make some sense out of the logic.

Anonymous : Hello, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you/how long have you been a vegan and what was the turning point for you?

Hey. I’m 22 and I’ve been vegan for about 10 years. 

You can read my short story here.

Anonymous : Is it wrong to allow my cat to eat a moth he caught?

I’m not going to say it’s wrong, but I usually don’t let mine do it if I see them. I’ll quickly rescue the bug (or whatever it is) and carry it outside. You’re not going to feed your cat less food if you let them eat the moth so there’s no point in it, I guess… I think you should decide for yourself. I just think a moth’s life is more important than whatever trivial little thing the cat will gain from killing and eating it.

Anonymous : How do you feel about vegetarians? When you meet or speak to one, is your first thought "it's great they don't eat meat" or "shame on you for eating eggs and dairy"?

My thoughts are “they probably don’t understand that all animal products are the same”.

However, if they do understand, then my thoughts most certainly aren’t “great, at least pigs don’t have to suffer for them, only cows, chickens, etc.”

Anonymous : I'm sorry if you've answered this before, but I was wondering if you could tell me how you feel about honey? I've heard that vegans don't consume it, but don't know if/how it is cruel to bees?

Check out my honey tag.

Anonymous : Hey, vegan here, but am struggling with the idea that intelligence is irrelevant. I personally /do/ think, for example, that if you take two humans who are the same in every way except that one is more intelligent than the other, the intelligent one is more valuable. Notions of intelligence are very important to me when making ethical considerations (eg. becoming a vegan). Now, I do find pain and fear more compelling arguments, but I don't think it's fair to say intelligence is irrelevant.


That’s okay. Seems to me that if you think intelligence is an important factor when it comes to humans, then of course you’re going to think that when it comes to animals as well, right? Whether or not your conclusion that higher intelligence means higher moral value is correct, it’s not speciesist. So I suggest you talk about this to someone who’s good at philosophy :)

However it’s worth taking into consideration that lower intelligence may often worsen the suffering. A lack of the ability to reason, hold on to hope (or have it at all), understand why something is happening, etc. Think about that as well.

Thanks for you question.