Anonymous : for what do bees create honey and why not to eat eggs? (Im a vegan but Im often asked on these things and would like to hear ur explanation to it as well :) ) #veganpower

Bees make honey so they can have something to eat over the winter when it’s too cold to go outside and there aren’t many flowers. Honey is food for bees. You can read more here.

Hundreds of millions of male chicks are ground up alive or suffocated every year, their mothers spend their entire lives in small cages or a crowded place - of course their “entire lives” are only about 2 years long instead of 20 natural years. Parts of their beaks are cut off, some can’t even stand up because of the lack of exercise and the amount of calcium they lose. After those 2 years they’re either sent to slaughter or they’re kept in complete darkness without food or water until their systems are shocked into another laying cycle. You can watch the many videos available online and just describe what you see to people who ask you what is wrong with eggs.

Anonymous : whats a good explanation to give if someone asks "but if we didnt kill animals they would overpopulate!" I always say like check the human species we are overpopulated but you arent allowed to kill people and natures will let the strongest survive

Exactly. There are always other options but either we don’t see them or they seem unrealistic when it comes to animals. Just imagine how horrifying it would be to hear someone say those things about people. “But if we didn’t kill humans, they would overpopulate!”, “But women need to be milked!”, “These babies are killed humanely!”

You also need to explain to this person that we breed these animals - we create more and more on purpose. If we stopped eating animal products, we’d be left with the current number of farm animals. What we’d do with them deserves more thought and a more lengthy discussion but we’re humans, “it’s ok, we’ll think of something” is our motto.

Anonymous : That anon was dumb, your blog is awesome!

Thank you! :)

Anonymous : RE: using fake meat, I never found it to taste the same as animal flesh, but when I first went vegetarian I was used to eating a certain way, so I used them as a stepping stone until I found a better way.

I know fake meat probably doesn’t taste that much like real meat, but lab grown meat does/would. But I agree, it can be a great help to people - and there’s nothing wrong with liking the taste of meat. Like I’ve said before, for all I care you can like the taste of human babies as long as you don’t actually harm any!

Anonymous : QUORN IS NOT VEGAN to that anon. It contains egg.

Ah sorry, we don’t have it over here so I just assumed it was vegan. Hope the anon sees this.

19960103 : Lab grown meat/dairy would work really well for species who need those products to survive (cats,dogs etc.) For humans, at least in North America, not so much...

Oh yeah, you’re absolutely right! It would be a really great solution for carnivore anipals :)

Anonymous : Hi. Following on from your ask about fake meat, what's your opinion on "quorn" meat? I tend to use it in some of my meals but after reading what you replied have reconsidered eating it.


Like I said, the opinions in the community on this subject vary, so I encourage you to think about it and decide what you think is the best thing. On one hand there’s the point I made in my previous post but on the other hand supporting vegan products is also positive.

Personally I don’t buy fake meat but mostly because I don’t really like the taste, however the vegan fast food chain Loving hut uses soy and wheat meat in their vegbab (vegan kebab) and it’s delicious. But I went vegetarian at the age of 7 so I don’t really remember the taste of meat that much, so it doesn’t bother me.

I think it’s not so important whether you eat fake meat yourself. My point was mostly that a vegan world being achieved via lab grown meat is not nearly as ideal as it being achieved via recognizing that all animals matter morally and should not be exploited. And also that it’s better to show people that animal products can be obsolete, that they’re not something that has to be replaced by mimicking them as precisely as possible. 

But like I said, you decide what you think is best, your opinion is as valid as mine and I haven’t given it that much thought anyway so I’m still very open minded about this subject.

Anonymous : I went through your blog and literally could not find a single reason for someone to call you aggressive, though I did find helpful and useful information - followed.

Thank you very much! I might lose my temper on a few rare occasions and get sarcastic but I think I’m doing pretty well.

Anonymous : quick question: i read about how scientists are trying to grow cultured beef and milk in the lab from muscle cells, and i was wondering if that ever becomes mainstream would it be unethical to eat it? either way i think it's less unethical than eating real meat and maybe that will finally crush the farming industry

It wouldn’t be unethical at all but.. I always imagine what an alien race, socially and ethically more advanced than us, would think. If they had accepted other species on their planet as equals a long time ago, how would they view a race who artificially grows the flesh of other animals in laboratories because they love the taste so much? I think it would seem savage. 

I know some vegans are against promoting fake meat and cheeses because we don’t want to give the impression that animal products are something you have to “replace”.

Even though I think it would benefit our society greatly if we were able to overcome this horror of animal slavery by discovering that it is completely morally unacceptable, I guess lab grown meat would also help. I just can’t help but worry what will happen if we abolish animal agriculture because it’s unsustainable or because we’ll be capable of producing lab grown animal products, instead of because we realized that it is immoral. Best case scenario there would still be a few farms either for those who could afford “real” products or to “uphold the tradition”. This is also why I prefer not to associate veganism with environmentalism and health.